Artisan Breads

South Union Bakery has a been crafting and perfecting our artisan breads for nearly 20 years. Take home a loaf and taste why our bread is a Des Moines favorite!


Epi Baguette
Pull-apart baguette that mimics the shape of a wheat stalk.
Demi Italian Baguette
Sandwich-sized version of our traditional soft baguette.
Italian Baguette
Soft and chewy, perfect for slicing.
Parisian Baguette
Hard crust with a soft airy center.


Traditional Mexican baguette perfect for tortas.


Bratwurst Buns
A grill out staple, topped with garlic, cracked black pepper and poppy seeds.
Hamburger Buns
Traditional soft and chewy bun topped with sesame seeds.
New England Buns
Classic golden-topped rectangle bun perfect for everything.

Canadas de Azucar

Our ciabatta-style loaf covered with sugar and olive oil for a sweet bite.


Jewish egg braided bread perfect for French toast.


Italy’s rustic answer to the French baguette. Perfect for sandwiches.

Ciabatta Longs
Rectangular ciabatta bun perfect for Panini sandwiches.
Mini Ciabatta
Slider-size version of our most popular bun.
Olive Ciabatta
Kalamata olives fill this classic Italian hearth loaf.
Ciabatta Rounds
A perfect substitute for traditional hamburger buns or sandwich bread.

Country Italian

Rustic hearth loaf with a hard crust and soft, airy middle. Great for toast or sandwiches.

Jalapeno Cheddar

Spice up your meal with this round hearth loaf loaded with cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers.


French-style bread made from a wild yeast starter for complex flavor and a wonderful chew.

Flat Bread

Greek flatbread perfect for pita sandwiches or single serving pizzas.


Asiago Focaccia
An airy round loaf topped with shredded Asiago cheese. A perfect companion for soup, pasta or any protein.
Garlic Focaccia
Our most famous bread. We hand roll every loaf, topping each round with roasted garlic. A perfect vessel for any sandwich creation.
Mini Garlic Focaccia
Our bun-size version that pairs perfectly with soup and is the perfect shape for any sandwich.
Wheat Garlic Focaccia
A darker whole wheat style of the original classic.

Graziano’s Italian Herb

A secret herb mixture of Graziano Bros. classic Italian spices tops this soft chewy round.

Multi Grain

Dense and packed with whole grains, this round hearth loaf turns any sandwich into a hearty meal.


Caraway seeds spike this traditional Jewish style hearth loaf.


Wheat Sandwich
Natural wheat loaf without the preservatives.
White Sandwich
With only five ingredients, this is a simply delicious bread that makes a mean PB & J.
Rye Sandwich
Traditional New York-style deli sandwich rye bread studded with caraway seeds.


Our “starter” has been passed down for generations and lends a natural rise and distinctive flavor to this favorite.

Wheatberry Whole Wheat

Dense hearth loaf makes a perfect slice of toast or lunchbox sandwich.